Frequently asked questions


Why should I upload data to FishWorld when I have my own website?

That's because tens of thousands of FishWorld web sites are visited every month.

As fishing tourism is growing. You can read the site you have uploaded in our own language! If you want to create an international multilingual website, it has huge costs (writing a custom program, translation costs, marketing fees, etc.), which you can do at FishWorld with a simple upload!

Because FishWorld can provide online analytics and statistics to send you a real, solvent consumer!


How do I upload to my site?

First you need to sign up for the website, this is a quick registration that you can use to maintain your uploaded data!

Secondly, you can upload data by category (waters, hotels, fishing shops, etc.) by clicking on the upload button in your My Account!

We recommend that you fill in the form fields one by one during the data uploads, as the data will be translated into 20 languages ​​automatically, and will be available in multiple languages ​​from anywhere in the world!

Once you've finished uploading your data, you can upload images after saving!

The images can be customized with an interactive, unique, program-free cutting surface! During our tests, the cutting field was considered to be easy to handle by those with minimal computer knowledge!

Your uploaded data will be visible to the public after FishWorld is enabled!


How long does FishWorld allow for public, public-view status?

In most cases within 48 hours. In this timeframe, FishWorld examines whether uploaded data has been uploaded to the right place (fishing ponds for waters, waterfront guest houses, etc…), and also checks whether the information you entered contains obscene, offensive terms, and then activates the uploaded data .

How do I edit, update my uploaded data?

You can find the uploaded data by title / title by clicking the upload button in your My Account. Clicking on the address will correct, update the information on the interface, and after pressing the save button you will find up-to-date information on the FishWorld website. The date of the change will automatically appear to the visitors according to the latest update.


How do I display waters, accommodations, etc. that do not have an exact address on the map?

When you upload the data, you get the icon on the map by clicking on the link and drag it manually to the desired location!

If you entered an exact address, the icon will automatically appear at the address!


How, where and for how much can a prominent ad be placed on FishWorld's website?

Find a position map in the Advertisers section of the Contact menu. The locations of the top-level ads are limited on this position map! If you wish to use our service, please contact our customer service at

In most cases, we will respond to your letter within 24 hours, but due to email translations this time may increase in some cases!